Incident Response & Disaster Recovery Plan

There’s nothing more critical in cyberspace than security right now. With offices shifting from skyscrapers to the home, doors that were initially closed to cybercriminals are now wide open. Employees everywhere are accessing and submitting sensitive data on their home devices and VPNs. 

For this reason, and many more, having an incident response and disaster recovery plan is crucial. Incident response is simply a set of measures that you are prepared to take when facing a security breach. You want your response plan to be established before a security breach forces you to make one. That way, you can reduce recovery time and costs. 

A disaster recovery plan incorporates an incident response plan. However, the former’s leading concern is to return your production environment to an operational state, addressing all damage caused. These plans should be developed and implemented together, as each is crucial to the other’s success. They also have the same purpose: to minimize and recover the effects of a security breach.

Here are ten ways designDATA can help you create your Incident Response & Disaster Recovery Plan

  1. Account for your current network, not some ideal version of it. We will realistically envision your architecture and information funnels.
  2. Identify all vulnerabilities and easy attack points.
  3. Assign duties to every member involved in the situation of a security breach.
  4. Set specific timelines and recovery requirements.
  5. Execute routine testing to ensure that you’re prepared for all sorts of setbacks.
  6. Create a Business Impact Analysis (BIA). We will include all data stored across every platform and determine how critical each set is to your organization.
  7. Create a list of all hardware and software, ranked by priority.
  8. Determine procedures to secure sensitive materials during the recovery process.
  9. Create and manage a secure offline backup of all crucial information.
  10. Communicate cybersecurity expectations to every level of your business.

The success of all involved in your company hangs on your preparation for cyberattacks. Implementing an incident response and disaster recovery plan brings you closer to ensuring your business’s safety and functionality.

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